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How to Avoid Voiding Your AC Warranty

How do I avoid voiding my AC warranty? It is a common question asked by all homeowners and business owner alike. If you own an air conditioner, it’s important to keep your warranty valid. Air conditioners can be expensive to operate and maintain. It’s worth protecting yourself against potential problems. As we all know, air conditioners can sometimes cost a fortune, so taking good care of them is a must. And how to better take care of it than keeping your warranty intact.

Here are some tips on how to keep your air conditioner warranty valid: 

1. Register your air conditioner with the manufacturer as soon as you can. 

It is vital that you make sure you register your AC unit with the manufacturer within a certain time frame after purchase. It is proof that you indeed bought the unit from them. This also ensures that they have your information in their system. Some companies would require you to register your AC in a considerable amount of time, however, others opt not to.

Hence, it is advisable that as you buy your chosen system to ask the store if you need to register your system right away. Also make sure to note what registration method you need to follow. If you fail to get your AC registered, your warranty may be cut short. Or worse, it will be voided completely. 

2. Make arrangements with a contractor under your AC Warranty. 

Making arrangements with the contractor who installed your AC system is also very important. Make sure to take care of any repairs or replacements that need to be made. This will help ensure that any issues with your unit are dealt with quickly and efficiently. It is also important to check the parts that you need to change in your system before they do replace it.

Make sure that it is from the company where you bought your system. Otherwise it will may cost you more in the long run by having your warranty void. 

3. Always keep the unit properly ventilated.

If you have children, make sure to keep the unit properly ventilated. This will help reduce the amount of humidity in the home and protect against mold and other contaminations. As you may not know, molds can be one of the toughest enemies your AC system can have. Mold can make your system work slowly. Sometimes it is difficult to remove too, which will ultimately make some parts of your system faulty. 

4. Have it checked regularly to keep your AC warranty valid.

Do you check your AC system regularly? Sometimes due to our hectic schedules, we forget about our AC system and just wait for the contractor to give our system a check-up. Regularly check for condensation on the inside of your windows and doors; if it accumulates, crack open a window or door for some fresh air.

One way your unit keeps your indoor air clean is by bringing outdoor air into your home. It helps dilute the contaminants in the air and forces them out of the house through positive pressure. That way, the clean, filtered air from your AC stays in, and the dusty, polluted air stays out. If your AC unit has a clogged filter or faulty air intake system, it may not provide any of these benefits to your home. 

Moreover, if you don’t do get your system checked regularly, it can cause the system to wear out more quickly and may be seen by the manufacturer as neglect which will ultimately void your warranty. Having your AC checked regularly will keep it from having faulty parts which will help you keep your warranty valid. 

5. Always keep your receipts

Keeping your receipts for any service or repairs done to your AC unit is also important. It will be your proof for reimbursement in case there are major damages done to your AC system by the contractor. Normally, a technician should provide you with a service receipt after every visit. It certifies that the system has been inspected and is in good working condition.

Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to keep their receipts and therefore are unable to prove to the manufacturer that they’ve kept up with regular maintenance. Without this kind of proof, the manufacturer generally won’t honor the warranty. 

It is important to note that every warranty has its uniqueness and covers different things. Therefore, it is still vital to read and understand the agreement carefully. You should know the things you should and should not do with your system to help you keep your warranty valid. Be sure to understand what is covered by your warranty. Know what your responsibilities are as the owner, and the responsibilities of the manufacturer. Doing so, this will help you take advantage of the services your warranty entitles you to. 

For more tips on how to avoid voiding your AC warranty, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Lynnwood Heating LLC today!

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