how to choose a new furnace in Lynnwood

How to Choose a New Furnace in Lynnwood

Having the right furnace when cold weather hits is very important. Learn how to choose a new furnace in Lynnwood with the experts at Lynnwood Heating LLC. We can help you decide what units work best for your needs, space, and current setup. The right furnace can help you not only keep warm when you need it most, but also helps keep energy costs low with efficient power.

What Should a New Furnace in Lynnwood Do?

When choosing a new furnace in Lynnwood for your space, it is important to evaluate your current heating system. At Lynnwood Heating LLC, we can help with both residential and commercial heating services. However, each type of furnace will need to work to rise to different challenges. A commercial furnace may need to be larger to heat a larger or less insulated space. A residential furnace should likewise be sized to fit the space it needs to heat.

Additionally, the layout of your building and its current setup may also affect the new furnace unit you decide on. Certain building or home layouts may make heating the whole space more complicated, and thus require considerations regarding your furnace choices. And the building may be set up for certain types of power or heating, which may also influence the furnace type you need to select.

Choosing Between Furnace Types

While there are numerous furnace types, usually based on their fuel source, there are a few that are more efficient for modern heating. There are some types, like oil furnaces, that our experts recommend for replacement due to their less-clean fuel source burning and potential home hazards.

The common types of new furnaces we would recommend are:

Natural Gas

Choosing a new natural gas furnace unit is recommended for homes that are heated and powered with natural gas over electricity. This is one of the most common types of home furnace, but they do come with their own requirements for setup. You’ll need access to municipal gas lines, and you’ll need to be careful to upkeep and maintain the unit. This helps to lower danger from the gas line if the heater malfunctions.


Choosing an electric new furnace in Lynnwood is also a popular choice, made easier for homes or business properties that do not have access to gas lines or use them to heat or power anything else in the building. They are affordable to install and to maintain. And you have no concern over gas lines or leaks if the heater malfunctions. 

Efficiency of a New Furnace in Lynnwood

When looking to choose a new furnace in Lynnwood, the energy efficiency and overall functionality of the unit should also play a part in your consideration. 

Typically, units have two different types when it comes to function: single-stage furnaces and two-stage furnaces. Single-stage units offer a more affordable option upfront, which can make them an attractive option to some homeowners or businesses. However, they only offer an on-off switch, which means the furnace runs at full power or it is not working. This can cost more to run over time, and it does not offer as much adjustment as temperatures change. 

Two-stage furnaces, on the other hand, are more expensive upfront, but typically cost less to operate over time. And they give you more flexibility over settings. They also run quieter and are very durable (lasting typically from 15-20 years, depending upon use and their surroundings).

Additional New Furnace Features

There are additional features you may want to look for in a new furnace in Lynnwood. With newer units comes newer technology, and this provides a wealth of settings and options to optimize your building’s heating to your ideal comfort. 

Features may include smart thermostats that enhance the control and efficiency of your new furnace. Other options may include remote access and/or monitoring of your furnace and home heating from anywhere. Turn off the heat away from home or prepare it for when you arrive back home.

New Furnace in Lynnwood Contractor

It is also vital to choose a professional and reliable contractor for a new furnace. If you need help choosing a new furnace in Lynnwood, contact the expert team at Lynnwood Heating LLC. We can help you choose the right unit for your space. Moreover, we can quickly install a new unit to get you heat when you need it. And, if you want to get the most out of your new furnace, we can also help you maintain it with service calls and regular tune-ups.

Reach out to Lynnwood Heating LLC if it is time for a new furnace unit for your home or business. We can handle both residential and commercial furnaces, so no matter what your needs, we can find the right heating solution for you!

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